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 If you are unsure as to which Model you require, most homes fall into MODELS A, B, C which range from an apartment / smaller home for Model A, Model B for homes with 2-4 bedrooms and standard design with a standard electricity demand and Model C for the larger properties with larger demand. We also provide specific Models for homes with solar panels and also for those who are planning to have solar panels installed.

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Why buy a LENERGY

Voltage Optimiser

Our products are designed and built, manufactured in Sheffield, come with a Made in Sheffield stamp, BSI accredited and come with a manufacturers 10 year guarantee, therefore you can be secure in the knowledge that the unit is built to the highest standards and is delivered to any home free of charge in the UK directly from our manufacturers.


Why buy a LENERGY Voltage Optimiser for my home?

The reason that Voltage Optimisation is required for most homes is that in line with CE regulations, almost all of the UK’s home use electrical equipment (and Commercial equipment) is designed to operate most efficiently at 220-230v but the National Grid can supply power at a much higher rate and on average that is 242v but can be as high as 253v, costing you money and lessening the lifespan of your home electrical equipment . It is a little known fact that the more voltage you apply to an appliance the more energy it consumes – costing you more and shortening the life of the device. By matching your voltage supply to piece of equipment it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and prolong the life of your household appliances. This not only saves money but also protects and increases the lifespan of equipment such as light bulbs, tv, washing machines etc. A Voltage Optimiser can be installed in around an hour by an electrical contractor. These are also suitable for small businesses which are on single phase supply, a Voltage Optimiser will reduce any excess voltage leaving you with lower bills and lengthening the life of your electrical appliances. We also have an extensive range of Commercial 3 phase voltage optimisers for use in schools, retail, industry, leisure. It can be used in any building that receives an electricity supply. Please contact us for more information.


Benefits of our products

Save Money

Cut your energy bills

Help the Environment

Use less resources

Be more efficient

Make better use of your energy



LENERGY is based in Sheffield and all manufacturing, assembly and distribution is carried out in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We specialise in Voltage Optimisers which are provided in a range of different Models, depending on home size and demand. There is a no quibble 10 year manufacturers guarantee provided with the unit and they are built to BSI standards. You can be sure that the units meet every possible standard for installation in your home. We do not generally provide installation but if this is something that you require we can arrange that for you. In those cases, we provide a quotation if accepted we instruct the selected electricians to proceed.





Lower electricity bills

Bulbs stay brighter

Appliances last longer

No need to change electricity supplier

Instant benefits – installs in around 1 hour

10 year warranty – UK manufacturer

Reduces carbon emissions

Great for the environment


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